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New Website Released

February 11, 2008

We've updated the design of the website. Along with the design we've also changed where you can find the materials for each of the programs. You must first log into the site before you can download the program materials. This was done for the following reasons:

  1. You can use the same user name and pass word that you currently use with the one Purdue system (no need to remember another password)
  2. It provides a space that only Purdue Extension has access to... rather than the whole world...which allows us to communicate better... it also helps to protect Purdue copyrighted materials
  3. It allows our team the ability to know which programs are being downloaded and used... so that we can direct resources and updates/changes in a timely manner
  4. It creates a great system for you to determine individual program impacts and for us to collect programmatic data across all counties and programs

We've also added pages for contacting the staff and made the FAQ easier to find.

Please let us know if you cannot find something or you need help logging in.

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